• Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

    This animated video explains what Body Mass Index is and what BMI means. You can also calculate your ideal BMI with the the interactive Body Ma…

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  • What is offside in football?

    This animation explains what "offside" is all about and what the terms "offside position" and "offside offence" mean. Offside is a law in footb…

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  • Twitter Explained

    Twitter Explained: this animation explains what Twitter is in plain English. Twitter is growing at an impressive rate. But what does Twitter lo…

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  • Test your selling skills

    With this online assessment, you can determine if you have the necessary skills for successful selling. The test consists of 18 random multiple…

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  • What is IPv6?

    In this short introduction to IP version 6, you will learn why this IP protocol is needed and what the advantages are. The movie also explains …

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  • How to sit and stand up safely while working at your desk?

    What causes back and neck pains and how can you avoid them by adapting your posture? This short video about healthy computing provides useful i…

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