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This animation is a book trailer for The Conversity Model by Clo Willaerts. Conversity is a business book and a model that helps companies get more out of social media. With The Conversity Model, Internet expert Clo Willaerts offers us convincing practical answers to following questions. What is the difference between social media and social networks? Why should you invest time, money and resources in social media? And what are the best ways to turn online conversations about your company or products into real business?

Social media has disrupted traditional marketing, advertising and even business models. In fact, traditional marketing is dead!

The people you used to know as your targeted audience, your consumers or even your prospects are now using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube to start and join millions of conversations, which can be both valuable and trivial. But how can businesses learn to listen into and monitor these conversations? How can they align their business objectives with their social media efforts? What should they do, now that social media has irreversibly changed the way companies do business?

Clo Willaerts offers companies a new model to approach these challenges: the Conversity model. Using a number of inspiring case studies, she explains how conversations can be observed, influenced and transformed into conversions, resulting in the kind of return on investment everybody likes: lower costs and higher revenue.

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