What is the best way to organize your e-mail Inbox? * * * ˙ ˙


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E-mail overload? In this movie, you'll learn how to manage your Outlook Inbox efficiently via special functions such as automatic formatting and categorization.

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wrote 6 years ago

Lol! If you have an iPad you must have known its limitations when you bought it. Why didn't you invest in a device that CAN play these videos and do everything an iPad can do in a much slicker way. Okay, it doesn't have a thousand fart apps, but it is so much more powerful, user-friendly, and handy to carry around than an oversized iPad. And hey, if you had a Playbook you COULD watch all these videos and so much more :-)

B. Macfarlan

B. Macfarlan

wrote 7 years ago

It's a great pity that almost all of these animations don't work on the iPad. Our institution is rolling out iPads to many of our students and this site would be a valuable teaching resource if it worked on all the devices that we use to deliver training and learning.



wrote 7 years ago

Can't view this on an iPad.


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