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This short film explains how medicines are developed and brought to market. Pioneering medication for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, HIV, rare cancers or more efficient pain relief: we take it for granted that new and safe medicines constantly appear on the market. But how are they actually developed? And why are they often perceived so expensive?

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wrote 8 years ago

Hello Luiz

Thank you for your feedback. Good tip about the subtitles. We will have a look at that soon.

Best regards


Luiz Carlos Xavier

Luiz Carlos Xavier

wrote 8 years ago

I think it is SO NICE !!!!!

It is nice to show for students how the pharmaceutical company "back stage" works!!

The only point that I would like to comment with you, if it is possible, to put subtitle in the presentation.

Why it ?

I live in Brazil and a great part of people don't know about English or other language than Portuguese. If it is aplicable, the presentation could be spread for more and more people here.

Thank you for your attention,

Besr regards,

Luiz Carlos Xavier


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