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Too much fatty food leads to too much cholesterol. But why is this harmful to your health? And how you avoid and treat too much cholesterol? In this film you learn about the admission and working of cholesterol in the blood and what you can do about it.

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wrote 4 years ago

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wrote 5 years ago

very informative, thanks. how can i download this post



wrote 6 years ago

Simple and informative and precise...

what else u want...

Alvaro J Ruiz MD, MSc, FACP

Alvaro J Ruiz MD, MSc, FACP

wrote 6 years ago

I simply loved the explanation about Cholesterol. Easy to grasp, nice to watch, useful for general population.

A couple of mistakes:

1. Video says: "as soon as there is too much LDL in your blood, it gets inside your veins..." No, cholesterol gets inside the arteries. Minor point, but important.

2. Too much emphasis is placed in food as origin of cholesterol. We know that cholesterol comes from two sources: food and... our ancestors. If we place too much emphasis on food, those who eat healthy food will think that the message is not for them. I know that the video states that even if one eats well, cholesterol may be high. But I will prefer that to be said from the beginning. There are two sources of cholesterol: food (we will talk later...) and excess of production, which is asymptomatic, and you need to have your serum levels evaluated periodically.

Congratulations, very good effort.


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