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More than one person in 10 suffers from migraine, a complaint that can have a serious impact on daily life. Migraine, therefore, is more than just a headache. In this short film we explain exactly what migraine is and what you can do to limit or even prevent the symptoms.

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wrote 8 years ago

I am not sure till what stage i am. But I think I have reached the last stage of this, as every otherday my head achs and the left hand side of my brain, and also the left part of my should pains a lot.

Its very painful

My eye sight has become very weak because of this. I stuck while talking, I feel memory loss . I dont know what to do with this.

I beleive some one will suggest a better cure of this.


Ravi S.



wrote 8 years ago

Its not pronounced MEgraine....other wise its a helpful video. I plan to share.,as it will help explain to others the seriousness of the medical condition.



wrote 8 years ago

i love the video but the accent is very annoying when she says certain words, like 'megraine' instead of migraine


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