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RSI is the abbreviation for Repetitive Strain Injury. It is a collective term for physical pains in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. It is a disorder of muscles, tendons and nerves. The cause of RSI is excessive strain due to a combination of repetitive and static movements. In this film, you’ll find out what RSI complaints are and what exercises you can do to prevent them. The full e-learning is available on Healthy Computing.

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Mohammed Jahangeer

Mohammed Jahangeer

wrote 6 years ago

Hi, This is Mohammed Jahangeer. Your Videos of RSI and relieve back and neck pain are awesome. It is very helpful for me. i"m suffering with cervical spondilis(c-5,c-6). After following your exercise i feel much better. Even i want to congrats your e-learning team for a good quality videos. I know much about e-learning. Why because i have 3 years of experience in E-Learning as a Flash Integrator. Thanks everyone.

Johnny russel

Johnny russel

wrote 7 years ago

bad info

steven bush

steven bush

wrote 8 years ago

this video is so great i love it loads.


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