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In this video, we’ll explain why cleantech will be a ‘hot’ topic for years to come.

There are 7 billion people on this planet. Every minute 340 children are born. We’re growing so fast that within a couple of decades most of us will be living in ever-expanding megacities. In this urban environment we still expect clean water, clean air, clean energy and healthy food. The dark side of this ever growing population is mountains of waste and pollution and dwindling natural resources. How can Mother Nature accommodate more than 7 billion people?

Through inventiveness and breakthrough science and the use of existing technology that allows us to do more with less resources. Add an economic driver to this combination and you have cleantech. Cleantech represents a diverse range of products, services and processes that reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact, improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources and provide superior performance at lower cost.

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wrote 5 years ago

Very good



wrote 7 years ago

I love this vid. It is so informative and shows so much. You must watch this!


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