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With this online assessment, you can determine if you have the necessary skills for successful selling. The test consists of 18 random multiple choice questions. These questions cover different phases of the sales process, from the first call to the closing of the deal.

When you have submitted your answers, you’ll get your final score, a list of strong and weak areas as well as recommendations for improvement.

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More sales cases, deal closing tips and an assessment test are available in a high-impact online e-learning course in the Selling Skills channel.

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wrote 5 years ago

Also you should also look at updating all the script as almost the entire 6 modules are written in male context. When ever the characters are discussing the customer they use male pronouns (back in the 1980s again). One poor example, the opening of the Using the Right Arguments module. its a picture of a man and a woman talking but says "A customer is not interested in the arguments of a sales person. HE is interested in HIS own needs and and requirements. HE wants to buy but HE doesn't want to be sold to". Perhaps the dialogue should match the picture or try rewording - eg. Customers are not interested in the arguments of a sales person. THEY are interested in THEIR own needs... etc



wrote 5 years ago

Some of the answers in this quiz are very poor - Its easy to guess what the authors want you to select as the correct answer, even if you don't agree with the answer. Its a bit too 1980s Used Car Sales. For example: Sales people don't like objections because.... they fear criticism (supposedly the correct answer).

Some sales people welcome objections, a customer that just says yes is usually less likely to buy anything from you than one that does pose objections. Often they just want you to think they are happy so you will leave. You still haven't found their motivation

Objections usually mean someone is not convinced (in the quiz this is the wrong answer) although what they object about isn't always the actual issue they have, which is where questioning and confirming come in.



wrote 7 years ago

I like the idea however, the section explaining about several closing techniques holds the oldest and worst technique ever. I have never met a client who could manipulated into a deal and signing the quote by the using the closing technique 'when and where would you like to have the order delivered to...'. Maybe 30 years ago with small deals this might work but not nowadays. A tip: take a look and SPIN selling and the book about it, written by Neil Rackham. Enjoy and good luck!



wrote 8 years ago

I like the techniques


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