Office 2007


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This e-learning contains different modules covering what’s new in every Office application: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.

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Content Overview

In the following series of carefully crafted animated modules of tips, tricks, and good practices, you get a wide overview of the features of the 2007 Office edition and Internet Explorer 7.

  • What's new in Office 2007?
  • What's new in Word 2007?
  • What's new in Excel 2007?
  • What's new in Outlook 2007?
  • What's new in Powerpoint 2007?
  • What's new in Access 2007?
  • What's new in Internet Explorer 7?

Learning objectives

By the end of this e-learning, you will:

  • be able to make an easy switch from previous versions of the Microsoft Office Suite to the 2007 edition
  • know the main new or modified functions in Office 2007 applications
  • be familiar with a new working environment using "tabs" and "ribbons" and be able to exploit Office 2007 to its full potential
  • be able to improve your daily work

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