MentorMob and Learning Playlists

At, we are all fans of e-learning and co-creation. That’s why it’s no coincidence that we stumbled upon, an online learning platform where the community can curate and organize content in Learning Playlists™.

Watch this great animated explanation video to learn more about the “Learning Playlists™” concept.

Whenever someone wants to learn how to do something, from how to play the guitar to how to learn social media for their business, they turn to Google. The problem users are presented with is millions of results and have no idea where to start and the order to go through the results. MentorMob provides a platform for the community to curate the best online content to learn any topic, to go through in an organized step-by-step format.

Presently, content in each Learning Playlists™ comes from any article, video, PDF, or other format with a link found on the Internet. These playlists can then be shared via social media, email or embedding into current websites/intranet systems. MentorMob is a collaborative platform run by the community. If a particular user or company wishes, he/she has the option to “privatize” the Learning Playlists™ so only he/she can edit it.

As an example, here’s a Learning Playlist™ with Explania content from our Selling Skills course:

Visit to create your own playlists for free.

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