New animation about VOIP

We recently launched a new animation on that explains what Voice-over-IP is. We made this animation with the support of Viking Talk.

VOIP Mobile Vikings Explania Animation

"Viking Talk is a VOIP-service for smartphones. Through Viking Talk, you can use your smartphone to call every phone number in Belgium, with your own number. And no, the person you call does not have to be a member of Viking Talk. All this for a revolutionary low price."

"VOIP will not send your voice over the regular phone network, but over data (both Wifi and 3G). This costs a lot less than traditional phone networks and guarantees you a good connectivity as long as you are connected to a WIFI-router or have 3G. This application allows you to call using VOIP to every network in Belgium, using your own phone number and without the person receiving the call noticing a thing. It's like a regular phonecall, only a lot cheaper."

This animation is free for everyone to embed on any website or blog. Help us spread the message and contact us here if you would like to use similar animations in your Content Marketing Strategy.

What is Voice-over-IP?

This video explains what Voice-over-IP (VOIP) is and how it has an impact on our phone bills. Using your mobile phone for voice calls can be very expensive, so the telecommunications industry is looking for new technologies to reduce the costs of our calls. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is new, groundbreaking internet-based technology.

Voice Over IP Viking Talk

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