SD Worx and the Future of Work

SD Worx and the future of work NWOW

Explania and SDWorx recently launched a new animation about the New World of Work and the Future of Work.

The animation explains that the way in which we live and interact with each other has changed dramatically in the last decade. However, this has not had any impact on the way in which we work. Isn’t it time that we upgrade our way of thinking about work? Look at the animation and give your opinion.

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SD Worx and the Future of Work - Explania

The New World of Work (NWOW) is a new vision of working whereby trust, talent, self-fulfilment and productivity go hand-in-hand.

Within the NWOW managers give each employee a clear direction and create room for colleagues to excel by allowing them to complete their objectives in a way that best suits them. Managers will no longer evaluate their employees solely on their input or the number of hours spent in the office, but chiefly on the work that they deliver. This demands good agreements, trust, freedom and responsibility.

The NWOW alliance consists of 8 organisations that want to accelerate the introduction of the new working method in order to secure our international competitive position and to offer a response to the population ageing.

NWOW wants to set an example and give other organisations a helping hand with regard to inspiring cases and practical tips.

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