Tell a relevant story

Gemma Went wrote a compelling blog post on The Wallblog about the role of social media in brand storytelling. The opportunity to tell stories in different ways across social media is vast: video, music, check-in technology, photos sites, networking sites and such like.

Content Marketing Storytelling

Once a brand has a core narrative, it can be told in different, engaging ways that will resonate and encourage that story to be retold. This creates powerful word of mouth results as the story is shared, liked and discussed across the web.

The story doesn’t always have to be about the product or the brand. A good brand story is much broader than that. It’s more about lifestyle, a feeling; a certain way of being that can become much bigger than the product and the brand.

We at strongly believe in the power of animation as a storytelling medium. By telling relevant stories and spreading them in formats that can travel across the internet, you can have power over your communication. One such successful story is the animation explaining how employee engagement can boost your business. This animated video is embedded on 47 other websites and blogs and shared more than 100 times via social media. This is a powerful example of spreading your story via content marketing.

Employee Engagement Content Marketing Animation

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Read the entire blog post on the Wallblog website.

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