The future of online marketing

According to Forrester, spending on digital ad campaigns will decrease in 2012. Shar VanBoskirk says that marketers should cut ad budgets in order to thrive in the age of the customer. Companies should better choose word-of-mouth over mouthing off. So please stop thinking in terms of campaigns, and instead start thinking in terms of conversation and storytelling.


Power has now shifted to the hands of the consumer and the era of mass media marketing has come to an end. Brands no longer have control over what is being said about them. This may cause real issues in some industries, for example in the pharmaceutical industry (see video Kai Gait).

However, you can still have some power over your communication by telling relevant stories and spreading them in formats that can travel across the internet. One such successful format is animated video that is embeddable and can be shared via social media. This is a powerful example of content marketing.

With content marketing, you can have a two-way conversation with your customers and use various tools to measure engagement. Traditional advertising shouts at prospective customers whereas content marketing talks with them.

Content Marketing Wordle Explania

According to Joe Pulizzi, all companies must become content creators. Brands have to show the drive and the willingness to become the trusted experts in their niche industry through the use of content strategies.

Content Marketing with embeddable animations that explain a certain topic in your business area can benefit your company in various ways: by positioning your company as a thought leader, by attracting new visitors to your website and as such generating additional sales leads. Thought leadership is perhaps the most powerful one: shareable and embeddable explanations about certain topics travel across the internet and reach new ecosystems with new customers. Step by step, you’ll become a trusted expert in your niche.

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