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SellingSkills Ambitious Salesman

As William Clement Stone once said, sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesman, not the prospect. This doesnʼt mean that landing that big client is a matter of positive thinking. Rather, it depends on a keen sense of human nature.

Whether cold-calling or dropping in for a maintenance visit, salespeople are often regarded with suspicion and annoyance by the very people theyʼre trying to win over. Knowing how to chart a clear course through irritation, legitimate objections and corporate foot-dragging is what separates the sales expert and the mere enthusiast.

That said, most companies lack the time, training environment and curriculum to give beginners a strong foundation in these essential skills.

Selling Skills Interactive Online Course

From that critical first impression to selling your price and closing the deal, the SellingSkills interactive tutorials, available online through, use real-life situations to pick apart the social dynamics and psychological tipping points that aspiring salespeople must understand to start their journey to seasoned professional salesmanship. Concentrating a 3-day high-level value selling course into a powerful 3-hour summary, theyʼre a quick, inexpensive and convenient way to upskill your workforce.

Join the likes of Hewlett Packard, Johnson&Johnson, Agfa and Aventis and use the MySellingSkills series to fast-track new hires to success.

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