How does it work?

How does it work?

The creation of an animated explanation requires a number of skills.

First, a storyboard has to be written. Such a storyboard contains the voice-over text and a description of graphics, animation and interactivity.

Next, the voice-over has to be recorded. We believe that professional voice-overs and quality recordings are very important to achieve successful high-impact content.

Finally, the content has to have a graphical design, and must be animated according to the storyboard, in perfect sync with the voice-over recording.

Very few people have all the above skills required for the end-to-end production of an animated explanation. However, you may have one of these skills! If you are a copywriter, trainer or teacher, then you are probably capable of writing a storyboard (we’ll help). If you are a graphical or multimedia designer, developer or animator, then you are probably capable of animating a storyboard.

The Explania Co-Creation Program brings these skills together. It is a program in which people with different skills work together to create new animated explanations. And it does work: watch this animated video about Hedge Funds, written by a financial specialist in Belgium and animated by a multimedia expert in Spain.

What’s in it for you?

OK, we don’t expect you to do it just for fun or for free. Some of our animations generate revenues; for instance, if they are sponsored by a company or if they are downloadable for a certain fee. So if the animation you helped to create generates such revenues, you’ll receive a percentage of them. Furthermore, if you are a freelancer and can demonstrate your capabilities to us as a Co-Creator, we may also add you to our pool of resources for customer projects.

So what’s the next step?

Interested in participating? Then contact us and tell us about the skills you can offer and the subjects you’re interested in. You will then receive more details about the program and the next steps to take.