Choose your subject

Choose your subject

While Explania has a number of modules that are still available for sponsoring, you can also propose a new subject that can be explained with an animated video. Most existing animations are already embedded on a number of websites, so you get instant visibility on other websites. But if you don’t find a good fit for your objectives, then you can propose a new animation.

So how do you select a new topic? There are two ways to approach this:

  1. Select a topic related to your product or service. If you offer financial services, an animation explaining a financial concept could be appropriate. If you are in healthcare, pick a health subject; if your business is IT related, choose a software, hardware or networking topic.
  2. Select a topic that is of interest to your target audience. Whether your target audience consists of females between 20 and 30 or sales people in technical companies, you should choose your subject based on what is of interest to them. Even if the subject is not directly related to your business, the animation may draw a lot of attention and a subset of these people will click through to your website.

If you propose a subject for a new animation, we will carefully evaluate your proposal. In any case, such animations need to be neutral, objective and not longer than 3-4 minutes. If you would like a customized animation about your product or service, consult our custom animation page.

Have a subject in mind? Then contact us to request a quote.