Sponsor benefits

Sponsor benefits

Animated explanations of Explania.com are embedded on thousands of websites. That significantly increases your visibility as a sponsor linked to the animation. Sponsoring such an animation gives you the following benefits:

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  • You get visibility as the sponsor of the animation: your clickable logo appears on the Explania website next to the animation, as well as in the info screen of the animation. You choose the landing page to which the logo clicks through.
  • You can also add an interactive element, like a question, at the end of the movie. This can link to your landing page with the answer to that specific question.
  • You can browse the existing catalogue of animations on Explania and pick any unsponsored animation which fits your area of business, or you can propose a new subject. The advantage of sponsoring an existing animation is that it is usually already embedded on a number of websites, so you get instant visibility on those other websites.
  • The additional audience that you reach through the embedding websites includes people who are interested in the subject, so they are most likely interested in your offering too. Health animations are embedded on health sites, technical animations on technical sites, etc. The click-through rates of viewers to the landing pages of sponsors are very high.
  • As a result of the many embeddings, the animation scores high in Google and other search engines, because it is considered a very popular and relevant link. Again, this provides you with additional visibility.
  • As a sponsor, you can embed the animation on your own website as well. Your competitors won’t do this because the animation carries your logo.


  • Everyone can embed the animations on blogs, communities and other websites within the target group
  • Video = high involvement, relevant content
  • Explania content is optimized for SEO and Social Media
  • High visibility of your logo right in your target group
  • High click through rate on the info screen and banner

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