Reacties van klanten

Reacties van klanten

We have been working with Instruxion during the last years on three major projects. We are very pleased with the quality of the animations that are delivered, multi-language and with small differences per localization. Our subsidiaries in Europe and our customers are very pleased with the short but very clear animations delivered by Instruxion.

B. Schep, Tech Data, Belgium

We just debuted the animated video here at Biogen Idec and it was a big hit. For months we've struggled with how to best explain our IT strategy to our business partners. With your help, we put together an informative and creative video that successfully delivered our message. Thank you!

I. Rosenblum, Biogen Idec, USA

Your team did a great job on our animation video. You immediately understood what we wanted and managed to explain our product with clear copy and illustrations. Deadlines were respected and the communication was excellent, so thank you for the great service and awesome result! We can't wait to publish it.

Peter Minne, Showpad, Belgium

Onze mensen bij ons call center zijn jullie eeuwig dankbaar. Deze film maakt hen het leven een heel stuk aangenamer. Ik ben zeker dat deze film zal bijdragen tot een positieve ervaring bij Zoomit voor onze klanten.

Kathelijn Debaveye, ING, Belgium

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your work and professionalism. Your responsiveness is amazing and the quality of your work is unmatched. I look forward to a long term working relationship.

Ammar Charani, Voucherry, Ireland

Great job, the animations are really well done! I am very happy with your services. It has been a real pleasure working with your team.

S.Muneer, SAP, California

As I’ve said in multiple occasions, we are impressed with the level of service we received from your team. As a customer oriented company, we understand the benefits of understanding what our customers want, and how important it is to exceed their expectations. Your team has by far exceeded ours and we would like to express our gratitude for that.

C. Ruiz Viesca, NocNok , Mexico

Hier mogen jullie echt trots op zijn, het is een zeer mooie demo geworden!

G. Socquet, Electrabel, Belgium

I couldn’t be more happy with your team. They met every deadline, followed our direction very well and stayed in communication with us, despite the time difference. A great experience!

R. Hochstatter, Kraft Foods, Chicago

Nous sommes très satisfait de notre collaboration avec Explania. Les délais ont été tenus grâce à une gestion de projet sans faille et la créativité autant que le pragmatisme ont été au rendez-vous.

F. Denel, Compario, France

We are very happy with the animation. The feedback we have received was 100 % positive - that's really overwhelming. I want to thank you and your team for your excellent work and for making this video possible in such a short time (I think it was just about one month between our first meeting and the delivery of the final version).

M. Ruecker, Foodwatch, Germany

Wij willen Explania/Instruxion hartelijk bedanken voor hun werk. In zeer korte tijd hebben zij een mooi resultaat neergezet waar wij erg tevreden over zijn.

Marielle Schipper, Surfnet, Nederland

The project turned out really well. Thank you guys for an excellent job on the animation. It’s amazing.

A. Somji, Silver Fox Pools, Dubai

This is by far the coolest instructional/educational video I have seen within our company so far. Really well done.

S. Petruccelli, Atlas Copco, Belgium

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